Bringing people together and bonding is what we do. Puppy Event makes it easy for you to plan a “feel great, positive well-being” office event that brings joy and happiness to your staff as well as clients.

Our events offer turnkey planning and coordination services managed by our qualified and fully vetted “Puppy Coaches” that will support you every step of the planning process.

Our team consists of event planners and coordinators who’ll listen carefully to your needs, then turn your event into a puppy reality.

Puppies are guaranteed to be healthy and happy. Our puppies are all selectively chosen for temperament, child friendliness, and playfulness.


WORK CAN BE STRESSFUL. It’s well known that puppies help everyone relax and create calmness in your workplace. Help your team relax and find some inner joy by creating a well-deserved break with our puppy events. From launch parties to national sales meetings, any scenario can become more relaxing as people hug, pet, and play with these adorable little puppies.


CHILDREN AND PUPPIES. WHAT CAN BE CUTER? If you are looking for a way to keep children entertained and happy for a few hours, puppies are a sure-fire way to make your party a hit. For those hosting adult-only parties, how about a wine and puppies party for all your friends?


YOUR WEDDING IS A ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE.You want to make your photos unforgettable. Embody this unique essence by having a few puppies in your photoshoot. Capture your happy day in images that everyone will ask to peruse, time and time again.