You know you want to take a puppy home to love! Puppyevent.com teams up with family establishments and shelters that has met our rigorous qualification process to be a part of our network. We pride ourselves on providing the most wonderful puppies for you and your family to take home and enjoy even after the event is over. You never have to worry about temperament or health issues. We have puppies in every breed and have a knowledgeable staff who will help you every step of the way to work with you.

All puppies are fully immunized and socialized so that when you purchase a puppy, you feel good knowing that all the puppies have a health guarantee and will go home happy and healthy.

Find out why we are the leader in providing the healthiest and social puppies in the area through local establishments and shelters. Contact us for choosing the best puppy for you or your family whether you saw this puppy at one of our events or just not sure what you are interested in…we can help!

Puppyevent.com is not part of the family establishments or shelters but is offering their services to qualified customers. Please contact them directly with any questions regarding your next puppy!